"Reducing financial stress, Improving workplace productivity"

We created Aiuto as a service to build a personal financial connection between employers and employees that goes beyond payroll.  So much of personal financial advice is given in a vacuum.  Employers’ interests and employees’ financial well-being are well-aligned: employers value retention and employees value financial security.  We want to develop debt management benefits programs that strengthen this congruence.  

Aiuto’s mission is better workforce engagement. Employers do best when they are interested in their employees’ well-being. The benefits platform we’ve developed helps employers do just that. 

Our Story

Aiuto was started by reformed quantitative finance professionals who were interested in making a big impact in personal finance.  Our friends face the same challenges as our clients, whether they’re climbing the corporate ladder or starting new and exciting businesses.  At Aiuto, we want to develop products with an ear to the ground.  We build products that creatively solve pressing challenges in personal finance.

We launched the company in New York in 2015 and we’re growing fast.  We’ve started with a student loan repayment benefits program and we will continue to implement benefits programs where we can add value to employee retention through financial wellness.